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Topic: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

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    Way O.T.: Now 1 Month without a cigarette

    Well I'm pleased with myself and Mrs N. - it is now a full week since either of us have smoked a cigarette.

    Yes, we were beyond stupid to have taken up smoking in the first place, and then to have continued smoking into our late thirties - but at least we are trying to correct those mistakes now

    Benefits to date......

    1. We have saved a total of £70 / $130
    2. We are experiencing a sensation when eating - I believe it is called taste ?!?
    3. A little gentle exercise [] no longer leaves us totally out of breath.


    1. The local corner shop is down on profits
    2. I'm spending less time in my studio - 'coz that was where I used to do all my smoking!
    3. I constantly have "the munchies"

    Anyway - good luck to anyone else who has, or is thinking of, giving up smoking. You may not enjoy the experience, but you know that it makes sense
    Richard N.

    Finale 2003 to 2007 ~ Garritan GPO, JABB & Strad ~ Sonar 6PE ~ Kontakt 2 ~ WinXP Home SP2

    Athlon XP 2200 ~ 1.5 Gb RAM ~ M-Audio Sound Card ~ M-Audio 88ES MIDI keyboard ~ Evolution MK-461C

    Bach Strad LT16MG, LT36G, 42B + B&H Sovereign Studio Tenor Trombones ~ Holton 181 Bass Trombone ~ Getzen Bass Trumpet ~ Yamaha TR4335G Trumpet ~ B&H Euphonium

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    It costs $130 for two people to smoke cigarettes for one week in England?

    $3,380 per person per year?

    Think of all the musical instruments, sample libraries and software you can buy with that extra money in your budget.

    Way to go.
    Wheat Williams
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Music Copyist in Sibelius
    Apple MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
    Apple Certified Support Professional. I also work with Windows.

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations to you and your wife, Richard! It must be reassuring to be doing it with the support of each other. Keep it up!

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!

    ...and hang in there; I must have quit 1000 times over the years, but this last time took and I haven't had smoke since June 2002.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Was this your New year's Resolution?

    Even more this is the best gift that you can give each other and the whole world. Just do it.


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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Well, that is truly an accomplishment. Having gone through this myself in 1974, I know the problems you will experience. But if you have the perservance, which you must have in order to do anything with music, you will succeed.

    I found that the 7th day was quite difficult, then it was not so bad until a month, when it was a problem for a while. The it was easy for about 6 months, for a short time. After a year, it was a little difficult for a few days. After that, clear sailing for the past 32 years. This is just to give you an idea of what to look forward to.

    So congratulations, and good luck to you both.


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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations!! Really happy for you!!

    Your studio gear also will thank you, smoke is not friendly with them. I remember when time ago i purchased a pair of used modems that used to be in an office enviroment... when i opened the package the cigarrette scent was so strong.
    Take time to "purify" your studio enviroment, it will make you dont feel "reminiscens".
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations! Keep it up! Statistically, your bodies will finish removing the damage you inflicted upon yourselves in about 20-25 year. So please do not start again!

    You have my best wishes!
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations, and stay with it.

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    Re: Way O.T.: 7 days without a cigarette

    Congratulations, old chap!

    I quite smoking on February 1, 1990 at 10:30 p.m. I still have "the urge" from time to time. Shortly after quitting, I could have licked an ashtray, so strong was my nicotine addiction.

    You won't regret giving up the coffin nails.


    Larry G. Alexander

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