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Topic: Piano with Orchestra

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    Talking Piano with Orchestra

    Hello everyone,

    It's been quite a while since I've posted anything, but that doesn't mean I've stopped composing with GPO! So I've decided to put up this piano piece I have recently written... I am a University student who composes mearly for the enjoyment of it (I'm actually a business student! ) I can't read music at all and play entirely by ear, GPO has been a great time for me so far and I'm still learning something new everyday though I've had it for close to a year! This piece was written for my Mom as a gift for Christmas.... enjoy!


    Titled: Piano with Orchestra

    Matt Bullock

    (Any creative criticisms are more than welcome)

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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Wow! I really like this. Especially the bits around 3:00. Really nice work Matt! You MUST keep writing music! This is excellent work! How do you input your notes? This is rendered very well, good job. GPO is excellent isn't it?

    Great stuff!!

    This is definitely samurai material:


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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Hi Matt,

    is it really true that you can't read music? This is unbelievable. How big are your ears? This is a nice piece, though some transitions from one mood to another are a bit abrupt or at least not quite well outlined; nevertheless wonderful. I liked the opening and the bit starting at just about 03:00 minutes. Go on following your ears!!!


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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    This music is simply delightful. You have a wonderful sense for harmony and the melodies are beautiful. Congratulations, your mom must be proud
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Great work, Matt!

    Considering the lack of musical training, it's certainly not evident.
    Very imaginative....with a terrific use of instrumentation.

    Quite epic.. A cross between romantic, and Modern film.

    This is indeed a wonderful gift for your mother!



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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Thanks for the compliments and feedback!

    I use Cubase VST4 that came with Garritan and I have a Midi keyboard that I use to input notes instead of a notation program... even if I could read music I would still choose to use a music sequencer instead of a notation program, its just more fun for me to play than to click a mouse!

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    Re: Piano with Orchestra


    Really great writing. By ear..hmmmm yes I know of others like create in the manner. It's sure great to have a music tool like GPO to provide the means for such musical outlet.

    One thing, I think that the piano is a times overwhelmed by the orchestra.



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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Everything sounded just great. I think playing in all the parts really makes a difference - some real feeling throughout. Very impressed.


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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    Okay, Matt, I want you to whip those ears of yours out
    and let us all get a good look at them... lol -- everybody
    should have a set like that!

    This is excellent work, and a heck of a good job at the
    writing, Matt -- whether or not you use five-line manila
    and a quill.

    Matt, you've got a good deal of ability, that's plainly
    evident, and I do hope you eventually learn the fine art
    of equating black dots and scribblies on paper into

    In the meantime, a warm round of applause for a rousing
    good piece!

    My best,


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    Re: Piano with Orchestra

    The person (Matt) who wrote this (Matt) is an absolute genius. Listen to the Rachmanonov 3rd and you will know what I mean. I thought that the only composers that created music like were all dead. You have change my opinion about that for ever. Some of us are astroids floating among millions. Some of us planets and now there are only 8. Some of are galaxys and there are billions, but you sir are an entire univers unto yourself. To not write the music that is obviouly grown in you will be the very thing that will keep you out of the Kingdom of Heaven in the afterlife. I charge you by the power of the Most Hight to do the work you were sent here to do. Do not squander you time. If you can create music like this and can not read muisc then that make you a musical genius. Are you some kind of savant. Just kidding. I know you are obviously a genius. I am certain that you possess the 2% inspirational part, now it is time to put in the 99% perpirational part and accomplish you mission on earth. There is a dream out there with your name on it and it is called success.

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