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Topic: two monitors for gs3 and cubase

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    two monitors for gs3 and cubase

    I'm getting two systems one for Cubase and the other for GS3. I'll be connecting them via FX Teleport.
    I was wondering if I need to hook up a monitor to view GS3 on it's own system or should I hook up both monitors to the system where my DAW is. Do I open GS3 through Cubase or do I run it separately on its machine.


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    Re: two monitors for gs3 and cubase

    You will need a monitor for GS3 and one for Cubase... But nothing prevents you to use a switch box(a/b) so you can use both monitor for Cubase once your done using GS3... Having tow monitors for cubase is really practical so you can have the main project window in one monitor and use the other monitor for editing etc...

    ...you could also use Synergy which will enable you to controle both Pcs with one mouse/keybord.. which is really cool since it can be a little annoying to move from one mouse to the other, and you will save a bit of space since you only need one keybaord... but you wont be able to use ''both'' monitor for Cubase with synergy... At least, i don't think so...

    Best scenario, if you can afford it, is to buy tow monitors. A big on for Cubase(22" or 24'' is even better.. some evern buy flat sceen TV i hear..) and a 17'' for GS3, using Synergy... I wish i had done that, But dual screen is not bad at all...

    Synergy is free, you can google it...

    Good luck!

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    Re: two monitors for gs3 and cubase

    Yes you need two monitors. You really cant go wrong..you can get crt monitors for five or ten dollars or even free..bigger is better..lower dot pitch is better..! They work just fine. Your video card may already support dual monitors..look on the back of the videro card..there should be a vga plug and hopefully another plug dvi-i(which may need a vga to dvi adapter) and possibly a third plug for a tv S hookup..if you only have a vga and a tv s plug you could use a tv and a monitor..monitors are better than tvs though..and they must support lcd if you are using the newer lcd monitors.. .note video cards are switching from agp tp pci express..however both the very old pci cards and the agp cards work very well... you need to know what type of card your motherboard supports.they all support standard pci...It really is remarkable how much more you can see with dual monitors..you could go with 2 for each machine if you can find some cheap ones..windows xp comes with built in multiple monitor support ..you can also have two video cards on one pc if you need to go that route..but true dual video card support is best..you can detach and float entire section of cubase or other programs..eg..help screens to the second monitor..it is so cheap and productive to do you cant go wrong esp with cubase ect..

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