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Topic: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

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    Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Download mp3: Click here

    Hey everyone, this year I will be scoring a feature film called "pathfinders". It is a war film: http://www.pathfindersfilm.com/ Shooting begins in about two weeks. It will be my first feature-length film, and also the first film I will score which is actually shot on film.

    After reading the treatment I decided to start coming up with some themes etc. This is what I have been working on. It's still early days but I'm really pleased with what I've come up with so far.

    I was inspired by this image here, which I got off google and is from the film "Saving Private Ryan":

    mp3, 6:19

    Image #2: Early poster for the film

    EDIT: New version has been uploaded (old file replaced). Added: Acoustic Nylon Guitar (at the end), bamboo flute (end) , played with EQ and reverb, among a few other minor tweaks.



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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    I like the textures you're playing with, Chris. I think they'll work really well; by the sounds of it you're going to have a very effective tender underscore! Great woodwinds and horn inserts.

    I know it's a draft mockup, but the violins on their highest parts are really screechy and spread too far for the mood. If you're planning on using them for the production, perhaps you can EQ them into submission?


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    I think this sounds great Chris. I can see how this would fit into a somber part of a war story. Did you us a garritan piano? It doesn't sound like what I am used to hearing in GPO or JABB.

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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Thanks for the comments.

    Yes the piano is garritan. It sounded a bit different to me too, I was experimenting with a few things. You can change the tone quite a lot by ajusting the difference between the volume and the velocity, if that makes sense. Do you think it sounds different in a good way?

    EDIT: New version uploaded!


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Many congratulations on the film, Chris!

    As to the writing...


    This is superb cinematic work, Chris; with all of the hallmarks (to
    me) of the best writing for that genre... restraint, control, and
    unmistakably clear emotive direction and intent.

    I found this writing deeply moving, Chris... I thank you for it; and
    wish you great success on this one. A score of this calibre cannot
    but bring out the finest in the film.

    With admiration,


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Hi Chris, this is a beautiful and moving piece. I think it will be very effective in the film. I love the flowing lines and your use of dynamics--very effective. The piano sounds great and I like the way you used it. The nylon guitar really adds to the emotion of the piece too. I love it. Really nice work!


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Chris! I liked the sound of the piano. It sounds better than what I have been coming up with.

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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers


    This is very beautiful. Moreover, you have a real feel for the genre of the film score. I wish you great success with this. If the film is in the same league as your score, it will be terrific!

    All the best.


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Wonderful work, Chris

    You have a keen ear for subtlety. A very moving arrangement.. fitting for your film.

    Terrific !


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    Re: Pathfinders: In the company of strangers

    Hi Chris,
    Well, I hope I don't repeat too much of what has already been expressed about this great work of yours. The emotion of the characters and even subtleties of plot come ringing through clearly. Very visual work, which is to be expected; starts the reel in your mind of tragic scenes of war and loss. The writing is very fluid and relaxing but tugs on those heart strings. And congratulations on your success. I hope things move quickly in the right direction for you and your talent. Thanks for sharing this ...

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