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Topic: Other Apple news

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    Other Apple news

    They announced the new appletv home video appliance.

    But there was no news whatsoever on any Macintosh products, including no news on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and no news on any other software.

    All the developers are probably breathing a sigh of relief, meaning they have more time to catch up on the current situation before more new stuff gets announced.
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    Re: Other Apple news

    And suddenly, Steve Jobs calls a quick "There's one more thing." keynote, causing mass chaos as people rush to hear the news.
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    Re: Other Apple news

    I'm sure they didn't want anything to cloud the mass hysteria that is ensuing in the Mac community over the announcement of the phone, which is the coolest of the cool. Now if only it had voice recognition and gps. Next June when it's released, I think I would have died and gone to tech heaven.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find that Apple has news of other upgrades and such within a few weeks.


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