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Topic: Using Finale and Gigastudio together...

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    Using Finale and Gigastudio together...

    Hey all,

    I was wondering, does anyone use Finale, a sequencer (I use Cubase), and Gigastudio together?

    I have trouble, because when I import a Finale midi file into Cubase, and then try to record it with Gigastudio, the volume of all the instruments are in constant fluctuation. The volume bars are constantly going up and down. I can't understand it.

    After experimenting, I managed to figure out that if I turn the Continuous Data setting under Human Playback Options to "No HP effect," the fluctuation stops. But then none of the crescendos or volume markings work either. So whats the deal? It seems Finale forces every whole note to have a crescendo and then decrescendo whether you like it or not.

    Also, I am unsure of whether to use Standard, 21st Century, or some other type of Human Playback?

    Anybody have any insight into this Human Playback stuff?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Using Finale and Gigastudio together...

    Heya Andy,

    The reason the volume markers keep moving up and down is because I'm guessing you have some dynamics in your finale MIDI file, and when you import it, things go all over the place. Your dynamics in cubase/giga/other samplers needed to be handled in a different way to your general MIDI file. So;

    When I write a MIDI in Sibelius/whatever and then open it in my sequencer, the first thing I do is clear all the MIDI data in the PianoRoll tool (cc#7/volume etc.). That way all your notes are there, and now you have to write in the dynamics again using the MIDI controllers/volume/whatever.

    Does that help?


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    Re: Using Finale and Gigastudio together...

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this happens even if I've put no dynamics into the file. This has something to do with Finale's Human Playback feature, which means to "interpret" your music. Unfortunately, without it, your glissandos and tremolos aren't interpreted either and don't work. So turning it off isn't really an option unless you want to write all that stuff out. It really is an irritating issue.

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