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Topic: Desert Island Piano Lib.

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    Smile Desert Island Piano Lib.

    To bring life to this new piano corner

    Everyone : What is your ultimate desert island sampled piano ?

    Why ?

    Too difficult ?
    well, say you could keep 3 pianos ? which ones ?

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    Ivory Steinway,
    Bardstown Bosendorfer,
    Art Vista Virtual Grand

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    Ivory Italian Grand (the Soft 'n Delicate preset is unbelievable).
    Ivory C7.
    Ivory Steinway.

    What a pity, for the Bosendorfer, though...

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    - NI Akoustik Piano for Steinway D
    - SampleTekk TBO for Yamaha C7
    - PMI The Emperor for Bosendorfer 290


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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    If I had to pick only one it would probably be the Art Vista Virtual Grand.

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    Sampletekk White Grand (For a brilliant upfront bright sound)
    AV Virtual Grand Piano (For variety of presets and unique sound)
    Pianoteq (For playability - though its not a sampled piano)

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    Seven Seas
    Black Piano Med. ambient

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    These three, in the following order:

    1-Ivory's Steinway
    2-Ivory's Bösendorfer
    3-Art Vista Virtual Grand

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    Re: Desert Island Piano Lib.

    Seven Seas for its mix versatility and clean sound.

    Art Vista Virtual Grand for its emotionality.
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    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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