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Topic: Miroslav Philharmonic Is Now dongle free

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    Miroslav Philharmonic Is Now dongle free

    IK Multimedia eliminated the dongle with it's Universal upgrade for Miroslav Philharmonic.

    I hope they do the same with CSR.

    I'll have two USB red Christmas lights!


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    Re: Miroslav Philharmonic Is Now dongle free

    Not only that but you can authorize up to 4 computers which is really nice. Most NI products only have 2 authorisations.

    I do hope that Miroslav Philharmonik starts adding new sounds in their subsequent updates because I really like the library in spite of a few samples that sound only so-so compared to the mondo libraries of VSL or East West.

    To be honest, I prefer the SampleTank player/engine to the Kontakt player.

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