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Topic: Garritan MySpace page reaches 600 Friends

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    Garritan MySpace page reaches 600 Friends


    The Garritan MySpace page,


    now has 600 Friends. This means that 600 parties with MySpace pages of their own have linked to our MySpace page.

    Quite a few of the people on this forum have MySpace pages of their own.

    Please go by and check out our page if you have not already. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along to me.

    The overwhelming majority of these Friends are folks that I searched out and found and invited to join our page. It took many hours of idle Web surfing time over the last month. But we are at the point where about two or three people each day find our page, unsolicited, and ask to be Friends.

    I started inviting Friends from among those MySpace people who already mentioned on their MySpace page that they are musicians who own and use Garritan products. After that I went looking for film, broadcast and video game composers, orchestral session musicians, and musicians who have their own Christmas music available on their own pages. Later on I started looking for any kind of musician that would use orchestral sounds in their music--this yielded a lot of European heavy metal bands, in addition to progressive rock bands (including our own Fred Schendel and his excellent band Glass Hammer, from Chattanooga, Tennessee). I also invited the 150 Friends of the Electronic Musician Magazine page, and these seem to be mostly DJs and musicians making electronica and hip-hop.

    Soon I hope to take down the Christmas decorations and redo the page without the Christmas theme, providing MP3s from among the many demos on garritan.com. I want to retain an emphasis on promoting the composers of the music as much or more than promoting Garritan products.

    Throughout the year I'm going to send out Bulletins to all of the Friends announcing any new music that I post, along with events like Garritan's appearance at NAMM and the Texas Music Educators Convention. We could also send out product announcements as Bulletins. We can use the MySpace page to reach a small targeted audience of people who are interested in our music and the tools we use to create them.

    So I hope to keep the Friends we've acquired year-round, and give them some new music to listen to every month, until next December when we have a new Christmas album for them.
    Wheat Williams
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Music Copyist in Sibelius
    Apple MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
    Apple Certified Support Professional. I also work with Windows.

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    Re: Garritan MySpace page reaches 600 Friends

    You da MAN Wheat! We're lucky to have you!

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