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Topic: Someone who know those Drums ?

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    Someone who know those Drums ?


    I am looking for those Drums (the samples are not good, i am still searching for a "clear" passage with those drums):


    They are used in most of the 90's Media Ventures Scores by Zimmer & Friends. I think its a Drums Set from a Hardware Synthesizer..but maybe someone of you recognize them and can tell from where they are !


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    Re: Someone who know those Drums ?

    Taiko Drums?

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    Re: Someone who know those Drums ?

    These drums are custom sampled drums made by Hans ZImmer and his team, i love them. We can achieve a sound close with "big action toms" from Stormdrum, but the sound is inimitable

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    Re: Someone who know those Drums ?

    Try using any good tom samples you have, add plenty of short attack/short release compression to bring out the head/stick sound. Pump up a few dBs around 80 hz, 2 and 10 khz. Add to that a bright and dirty plate reverb (SPX90 type) with emphasis on high-end (sustains the brightness of the attack of the drum and gives it that high-tech release) and cut away some low end in the reverb. (Use a another reverb to sustain the low end if you want really epic sounding drums).

    One might layer more than one tom sample on top of another to get a richer sound and more massive sound. A delicately put Simmons SDS-V tom sample beneath a big acoustic tom gives it both some nice high-tech top end and provides plenty of synthetic bottom end as well.

    Good raw material is always better, but these are no pure tom samples - believe me. These samples are tweaked like crazy post recording. So, give it some tweaking of your own and see what comes out - that's probably what MV did

    EDIT: The toms of Roland/Boss DR series drum machines would probably fit nice for this kind of sound, as raw material to build from. They've got that really punchy sound.
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