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Topic: Migrating from SoundFonts to GPO

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    Lightbulb Migrating from SoundFonts to GPO

    Hello again. I just figured I would throw this out there. Who here has used soundfonts in the past and is currently going through the pain of migrating all your midi files over to using GPO? Isn't it just painful? I am thinking, it would be great if the comunity could start a sort of migration guide for soundfont users who are trying to use GPO. Feel free to comment.

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    Re: Migrating from SoundFonts to GPO

    Hi Mike,

    I used soundfonts for production for a while and got some very good results from them. To get the good results I always had to do a lot of work with CC7 and CC11. I tried moving a project from soundfont to GPO and frankly I found it to be too much work, so I can relate to your tiring of the tediousness.

    The best way to do it is to run a filter in your sequencer to remap volume or expression data to modwheel data (CC1). You'll still need to tweak a lot on your own for the best sounding results. Take a look at this page for some MFX plugins by Markleford to help you with your project.


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