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Topic: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

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    OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    Hello All,
    I've been trying to get into Sonar's forum for the last 2 days...Can anyone verify it's them and not me? Go here and then click Forums on the top...It hangs when I do that here...http://www.cakewalk.com/ ...Just in case I can't get in there, maybe someone will know what I need to click or unclick to make this stop...It doesn't matter if I record enable a midi or audio track but the moment I click the track to record,or mute or solo for that matter...My Motif sounds like someone pushed all the keys down at once and is just holding them down until I click the record back off, although it doesn't record this as data, I can't record like that because it's just to much of a distraction....Thanks for any help...moon

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    Re: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    I've been in there the last couple of days, so it's not them.

    EDIT: Hmmm, right now it is dead. A bit up and down, it seems.

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    Re: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    you could try reloading your devices operating system.that would fix it and use the latest one also..check the mfgs website...but you might lose a lot of work...this would be a last resort.know all about it before you do it.has it some how remapped to send a cc64 sustain or cc66 sostenato message, try pressing both to shut these off.. It needs a note off signal..is the note off signal on a different channel than the channel it is supposed to be on? bad cable? are you sending a signal to another device in your signal chain and is that device sending back a signal at midi in to cause this? do you have too many devices downstream?review your devices setup and configuration via the instruction manual..are you using the correct file format eg..xg.....

    Most likely:what are your sequencer output ports set to..have you correctly defined your device as an instrument..do you have new drivers installed for any usb or other connecting cable ect..start with checking ports and sequencer configuration under: options >midi devices and instruments>then reload usb/lan ect drivers..turn off input echo...try turning off midi in., try turning off midi thru.. cables plugged in correctly

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    Re: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    Well, That sounds like a good start...I'll try those things and see what happens....Thanks....moon

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    Re: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    Sounds like you have a MIDI loop going. Try turning on Sonar without a keyboard plugged in and then check both your sound card routings and settings in Sonar for anything that could be Echoing from MIDI out back to MIDI in. I did this once years ago and it was something stupid I did in the settings but I can't quite remember what I had to turn off to fix it.


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    Re: OT:Midi notes hanging in Sonar?

    Just a note, I tried taking the midi cables off port one and put them in port three and re routed the Motif software to those ports and the problem went away so I'm guessing the loop only effects channel 1...I still have 2 empty ports so I'm going to do the easy thing and just let it that way...Thanks again for the help....moon

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