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Topic: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

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    RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    Hi, I´d like to hear some user (or Spectrasonics´) comments of these:



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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    Yeah, this is an interesting idea.

    I'm curious to see the reaction to this concept myself, since it's the first product of this type for RMX.

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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    I too am curious. Since the multis constitute too much 'cheating' in my little music ethics book , and I only listen to them as demos.
    The last Nine Volt Audio had multis but they also came with a tremendous amount of new loops which I think was the focus of the library.

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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    I dont really see the potential market for this.
    I mean-first of all its super easy to make multis in RMX and even more important its TOTAL fun.
    Actually its almost impossible to come up with a multi of your own that doesnt sound great!
    Why would anybody pay somebody else to have all the fun?


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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    I totally agree with Hans. Quick and easy creation of multis is what I love about RMX.

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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    I believe that there is new content in this as well. I could be mistaken, but the email I received and the demos I listened to did not all seem to come from stock RMX loops.

    That and Jeremy (the owner of nucleus soundlabs) is an AWESOME sample and preset designer and a heck of a nice guy. His work is always first rate!


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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    Hi all,

    This is Jeremy Janzen, the author of this product and founder of Nucleus SoundLab. I would like to point out a few things:

    -there is *no* new raw loop material included here. Multi-Presets only. Its a $29.95 product after all. I have plans for some REX2 stuff in the future but I'm not ready to discuss any specifics.

    -this is an experimental product for me too. Going in to this I had no idea the level of interest that this would generate though. Even though some people seem disinterested by it, I can tell you that in the last 24 hours my site has experienced the highest amount of hits in over 2 years! So its safe to say that many people see the potential uses of RMX multis at such a reasonable price.

    -I worked on this product, on and off, for about 5 months. Yes, RMX is such an amazing product that crafting multis is simple - but I wouldn't say *easy*. It can be very complex, especially if you want to take samples intended for one use into a different direction (using house loops in an ambient multi etc.)

    In the end, time will tell if such a product is viable in this marketplace. I do ask you to give it a chance and listen to some demos at least - there will be more mp3s up soon too. Of course if you have questions or comments for me, you are welcome to fire away. Cheers,


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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    Good luck with this new direction Jeremy! :-)

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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab


    Sorry for the mistook. I should have waited for your reply before posting about new material.

    Must be a pretty good product if it fooled me - and I use Stylus RMX almost daily.


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    Re: RMX and Nucleus soundlab

    The possibilities to tweak and customize the core loops and turn them into something totally new and unique is one of the major advantages of RMX.
    Once you understand the concept of edit groups its a piece of cake to extract a snare from a stereoloop and combine that with a kick from another loop even if those are not present as single elements in a suite.

    Some people are dissing RMX as being too easily recognizable and too presetoriented but they have probably never looked "under the grill"
    and only used the comboloops or preset multis.
    Creating my own multis using editgroups, layering, effects and filters etc is the best way for me to make sure that my beats are unique although they are all made of some sort of preproduced materials.


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