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Topic: Solo Trumpet!

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    Solo Trumpet!

    Here is a solo trumpet playing a cadenza from Haydn Trumpet Concerto in Eb Major.

    All comments appreciated and welcome!

    Can anyone guess what this thing is?

    (After the page opens, click on Skip This Ad in upper right corner to get to the file download - 3.3MB MP3 file, 1min 46 seconds...)

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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    This sounds very good indeed. A little bit of volume variation would have made it even more realistic!

    Ruby? Something else? I reckon I got it nailed with one of those guesses!


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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    Nice tone and nicely done!


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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    The legato transition at several of the slurs sounds like the Synful instrument.

    Yes, good work with the instrument! I am a trumpet player myself, so I still do not find it convincing, but it is a good imitation.


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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    No idea what the lib is, but I enjoyed the expressive nature of the performance.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    Thanks guys for listening and for your comments, I appreciate it.

    Hardy, do you think the volume variations are needed on the sustains or the attack (or both)?
    Reegs, interesting parallel with Synful!

    This has been sort of an experiment for me, and I'll tell you what it is a bit later. Here are some more details though:

    - The trumpet is played live on the keyboard, on tempo, in one pass.
    - I did not use any keyswitches, x-fades, transition samples, breath controllers, or footpedals...


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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    In case you're still wondering, it's Westgate free trumpet, valve sounds are from "thefreesoundproject" and legato script is SIPS. So apart from K2 and some custom programming to make it expressive and playable live using a keyboard, this instrument is available for free.


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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    Great!!!! Can you give us the URL of thefreesoundproject ?

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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    Google "thefreesoundproject" and press "I'm Feeling Lucky!"

    here it is: http://freesound.iua.upf.edu

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    Re: Solo Trumpet!

    Great! thanks


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