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Topic: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

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    Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    I've been working on an rpg/rts by the name of Thale Cres! Wrote the music and the sound fx for the alpha demo, which has just been released.

    Visit the site at www.thalecres.com and download the demo.

    Here are some screenshots from the game.

    It features, dialogues, items, pixel shading, day and night cycle, a rather limited story (as it is just a test map after all), several units, original soundtrack, dozens of sound effects and other interesting things.

    Do keep in mind that this is an effort by 2.5 (me being the .5) people, brothers and quite young actually 21 and 23 years old and not a full team, or professionals.

    All feedback is most welcome, here, or in the site, in form of comments and...well... do spread the word.

    If by any chance, anyone is interested in the music PM me

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    incredible effort. congratulations!
    very proffesional music, the sound design needs some polishing though

    to be a 3 person work, it's outstanding

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Indeed sound design could use some more effort on my behalf... True...

    Didn't want to spent any money on sfx (freeware game=no money), so I ended up with free sfx over the net, not the best choice.

    Thank you for posting though. Much obliged

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    hey, sorry if i sounded negative, on the contrary, the music is excellent, and that's why fx sound poor

    a good idea to avoid spending money on libraries would be to do some creative sound design yourself

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Hehe... no I didn't think you sounded negative at all. No problem.

    I'm always open to feedback good or bad, (unless I mention so, which I have once in a different forum in the past, for various reasons...).

    The thing with sfx is that it takes sound programing as well. In order to make music you need Cubase, or notation software, some sounds and so on.

    In order for sfx to work correctly you need the programer to deal with, panning issues (a bird can't always be on your right), depth issues (more or less reverb), crossfading, volume controls and so on, and randomize them. Timing issues also come into play as footsteps (not in this game), or clashes of swords and other things need perfect timing...

    Sadly I lack the experience to make better sfx, or guide someone through the above... But I'm not trying to avoid any responsibility for the sfx, I made them, and it's my fault they're not exactly right. (plus I find it kinda boring).

    Making sfx, is kinda difficult, and it does take an initial capital, a decent mic, some portable device to capture everything and time (scary that last one...)

    Again thanks for posting.

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Hi Nikolas,

    great job on the music,well done.


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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by dean valentine
    Hi Nikolas,

    great job on the music,well done.

    Thanks Dean, I appreciate it.

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregoir
    Hi Nikolas - sounds like your small team lucked out on the composer! This sounds like a type of dark wit that the english do, that you wouldnt hear in the US. I know there's Tim Winton/Elfman type stuff, and I've read that youre in London, but still strikes me as 'English', which is a fresh thing in this largely US industry. (Not being anti-US here, just pro-cultural diversity, albeit in a 1930's kind of way,lol.) Just an impression anyway.

    Nice to put a sound to the name too!

    For the record:

    I'm Greek, living in London.
    Noren brothers are Sweedish living in Gutenberg.
    Nothing to do with the US! hihihi

    Other than that, as I said, thanks. I'm not sure that my sound is british anymore than "European" maybe... But still.

    Cheers for the kind words

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    Re: Thale Cres Alpha Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregoir
    So the Noren brothers are well known game composers? ( i'm not really up on who's who in game music i have to admit).
    Oh no!

    They are the coder and artist for Thale Cres game. nothing to do with music, I'm afraid... I was just saying that the game is not a US creation at all, but a European one...

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