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Topic: Is my Halion crazy???

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    Is my Halion crazy???

    Hi again.

    I´ve been working with Halion for several months and it works fine until I loaded The Holy Grail Piano sample.
    I start playing and my Cubase closes after some seconds.
    I guess it´s because I never used such a big sample and I don´t know how to change the configuration.
    I tried to increase the buffer, but it didn´t work.
    Need some help from experts
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Is my Halion crazy???

    Well, HAL and Cubase can easily handle SID or SID XL which might be a bit bigger than Holy Grail piano.

    Make sure that (in HAL on options page) the sample preload is set to 0.1 or 0.2 and that voices are set to about 256.

    What is your setup anyways?


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    Re: Is my Halion crazy???

    Thank you, steff3.
    When you say sample preload you are refering to the preload into RAM parameter? ( because in my Halion it goes from 1 second to 60, not from 0.1 ).

    My set up is:
    1 second- preload into RAM
    26MB-preload memory used
    256 Voices- Voice buffer
    64MB- voice memory used
    97 MB- memory used
    100 Quality

    ...by the way...do you work with Gigastudio? Because I tried to export an audio file from Cubase using Giga in Rewire mode but there is no way.

    Thank you again for your answer.

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