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Topic: Michael Brecker R.I.P

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    Michael Brecker R.I.P

    Just heard this on the news. I actually did the bone marrow test a while ago with Gift Of Life, but I guess I wasn't a match. Sad.

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    oh man,
    how sad,,, gosh

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    What a great player. One of my idols. May he rest in peace.

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    Oh no Seems like great musicians always die young.

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    The title of this thread got to me like a slap in the face
    I didn't know ...

    It feels so odd, so sad - really sad. It's like something gets ripped out of your world and everything gets distorted and unfamiliar.

    I didn't know him personally, so to me this man was an icon. The first time I heard him on record I was very young, and I immediately went "Wow, who is this??”. He made me say “That’s the way it should sound”.

    His footprints will continue to inspire musicians and composers long after his passing.

    Thank you, Michael.
    My condolences and sympathy to his family and close ones.
    Kid: When I become an adult I wanna be a musician.
    Parent: Son, you cannot become both.

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    This is especially upsetting since his wife had made public pleas for folks to donate marrow. It's really sad that they weren't successful.

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    Re: Michael Brecker R.I.P

    This is a real loss. And nothing on the news, at least that I saw. Long live the king



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