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Topic: I need help with Expression for Strativari

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    I need help with Expression for Strativari

    I've got two keyboards. One is a full size keyboard but no expression pedal. The other is a small keyboard with an expression pedal. Both are using USB. I think the Kontact player only accepts one input so I can't use the expression on the smaller keyboard and the large keyboard for input at the same time.

    Should I be able to route both keyboards through a software bus in Cakewalk Home Studio, or find a program that will redirect one of them so that I can use the full size keyboard and the expression pedal from the smaller keyboard at the same time?

    Also, the samples sound very bad. I think it might be because of the lack of expression pedal but maybe the expression pedal is important but not so important that the samples would sound like sirens.

    Or maybe because I've got the windows drivers installed instead of ASIO, but they work fine for other Garritan products. And the manual recommends ASIO in one place but mentions the windows drivers in another also.

    Thanks, This is my first post. It's nice to see so many active users and so many posts. This might be fun. : -)

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    Re: I need help with Expression for Strativari

    I tried again and the sounds are better, actually thrilling. Even if I never have time to use this instrument with any real talent, it already is proving to be emotionally fulfilling.

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    Re: I need help with Expression for Strativari

    The stand alone version only accepts input from one port. If you want to mix input from two sources, you can use MIDI-Ox (with MIDI-Yoke) for that on a PC.

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    Re: I need help with Expression for Strativari

    Hi benhoff,

    These controls are ESSENTIAL for proper use of the Strad

    CC#11 expression - controls both the volumn/level and expression - without this you'll not hear much of anything.(either a expression pedal or any controller you can assign to expression - [I use a slider on my Kurzweil PC-88])

    CC#1 (normall the Mod wheel) gives the AMOUNT of vibrato (Again, I use a slider on my Kurzweil PC-88)

    Aftertouch gives the rate/speed of vibrato
    Try ALL the tutorials in the manual to get a cler understanding how these control the Strad
    Welcome and good luck,

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    Re: I need help with Expression for Strativari

    The WDM drivers should work just fine in Cakewalk. I found my latency is much better in Sonar with WDM versus ASIO with my ESI Waveterminal card. Each soundcard is different depending on how the manufacturers implemented their drivers.


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