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Topic: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

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    Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    I'm gonna borrow a lot of money soon (!) and use it to buy a new strings, brass and woodwinds library that are better than what I currently have (KHSO Emerald). I have my eyes set on mostly Sonivox stuff. But how come so many users talk about VSL while so few mention Sonivox? At least that's how it seems to me. Yet when I listen to the demos of VSL vs. Sonivox, I think the latter is absolutely competitive.

    When it comes to strings, I've kinda fallen in love with Sonivox. They have a different, less thick sound to them compared to VSL, which makes me think the Sonivox strings will dominate less in a mix. At least that's what I hear when I listen to the demos on Sonivox' and VSL's homepages. I know Sonivox strings is a smaller orchestra compared to VSL (less violins etc.), so that's probably why. The Sonivox cellos in particular sound amazing. However I will of course wait to hear what VSL Appassionata Strings sounds like, and GOS2 may also be an option, not sure when that is actually going to be released though. Perhaps NAMM will have news on that.

    Judging from the brass demos, I'm into Sonivox again, as they seem to be useable both for classical and a film/Hollywood type of sound compared to VSL, which has a strictly classical sound to them. SAM Brass is also something to consider, but judging from the demos, Sonivox has a less dominant sound than SAM Brass. I think a combination of Sonivox strings + brass will fit very nicely together, as I can also hear in the demos. Can VSL Brass be made to sound a little more film/Hollywood/aggressive than what I can hear in the demos on VSL's homepage under VI Brass I? If so then VI Brass I is something to consider as well. But for now, I think Sonivox is my main choice.

    For woodwinds it's VSL, no question. They just sound better than anything else out there IMO, including Westgate. They have a lot more character than Westgate's woodwinds, which are more anonymous, at least to me.

    As for percussion, I already have SAM True Strike, that will do fine.

    Any thoughts on this? Especially comments from Sonivox users would be great!



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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    First of all I don't dissagree with you at all!

    Just an idea maybe. How about EWQL Platinum (+ xp pro)? You get some things which are very values amongst people who already use it. Lots of articulations and the 3 mic positions (which loose the need for reverb, also help really well for 5.1 surround works).

    On the other hand for me Ew has an extremely defined sound which is a bad thing definately. But the sound will be coherent no matter what.

    It does depend on what articulations you use. Not sure about sovinox, but maybe there could be some articulations missing? (pizz. bartok, or trem sul pont, or whatever else...). Same with everything else. I did go the EW way, exactly because it had most articulations I use...

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    I've been considering buying Sonivox stuff too (for a long time...) the problem is that I have no $$, so I can't. I think that you'll probably be very happy with it, considering all that I've read/heard from those that have it. The $3,000.00 question - Sonivox or Platinum? Sonivox definately.

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    I just need a basic set of articulations, nothing too fancy.

    As for EQWL, I know it's a very good library but I like the sound of VSL and Sonivox better.


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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    I personally love the sound of most of the East West orchestral. While VSL's playability is probally the best, it doesn't have the sound mostly to me, just not in love with it. EW is nice and coherent as Nickolas pointed out. I am amazed at some of the realism that I have heard coming from real working composers using East West. Of Course its not perfect, and you may need to mix and match.

    Haven't heard much of sonivox, so I can't comment on that.

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    Sonivox, is an excellent choice. I really love there sounds. I have the Kontact version. Getting ready to upgrade to the Kontact 2 soon.

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    So Sonivox works with kontact 2? I have mainly seen there stuff for Giga.

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    Yeah, they finally got away from that Giga-only nonsense and recently released a Kontakt 2 version of their entire orchestral package.

    Saving up for it...


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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    I love the Sonivox Orchester. It is fantastic!
    The strings are so easy to use and the sound so so real.
    The rest of the Orchester is also verry fine. It is a Pro lib.
    The East West stuff is nice but sometimes it sounds too big and I don"t like the strings sound. The Woodwinds and Percussion are OK.
    And when you go for East West take Gold. Because it is the same like Platinum but the samples are 16 bit 41khz so you can work with one ore two machines...
    So go for Sonivox. Here the Demos and you know why.
    Sounds great and easy to use.

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    Re: Considering buying Sonivox stuff

    ....well VSL and EWQLSO were "the" pro libraries for a while, because Sonivox "only" had strings for a long time. That's why most discussion centered around those libraries.

    I have the Sonivox (Sonic Implants) libararies and love them. They have a sound quality all of their own. It just depends on the music and the project whether I prefer them at any particular time.

    You may find that you don't need every section they offer; they're not cheap so it makes sense to mix+match if you already have other high quality (or lower cost) samples.


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