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Topic: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

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    Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    I took a med/slow Jazz ballad I wrote a few months ago and decided to make a string ensemble arrangement of it:


    And the sheet music:


    EDIT: Err.. the sheet music doesn't have any chords. I wrote those in by hand after printing it out.

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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)


    The track is fabulous! Your harmony and tempo are brilliant! However the strad, sounds kinda weird, I'm afraid...

    It does sound like it has some weird reverb. Somehow it's not working for me, peronsally... If I may aks what did you apply?

    Then it sounds very much at the same volume. You have the instrument a bit longer than me and definately have toyed around much more, but still it seems that the volumae stays the same (velocity issue?_

    There is an almost (or total) lack of portamento. I know that strad can play portamento, and it would make it much more realistc to add this.

    The track itself is marvelous. Wondering if the harmony is your own, or some kind of jazz trick, as it sounds really wonderful! Also the section strings sound wonderful as well.

    I really hope that I didn't discourage you, cause this is a really nice piece. (I'm sure that I would do much much worst if I had tried strad myeslf... )

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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    Sounds pretty good to me. Perhaps the person above was confused by the tight cluster chords you wrote for the background group. It gives the impression of enormous amounts of reverb when that isn't the case at all.

    Keeping the background instruments out of the same range that the solo instrument occupies, as much as possible, can cause the entire composition to be more clear.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)


    Not at all, I had similar thoughts concerning the violin. It sounds a little "flat" (but not pitch wise) to me, and I'm having trouble getting the nice ambient warm reverb I hear in my head.

    Right now I'm taking it easy on the portamento, I still need to learn and listen to real violin to get an idea of common phrasing and where portamento is used, etc.

    The harmony is all my own. I just basically arranged my Jazz voicings that I would play for the strings.

    Played in a Jazz ensemble, we played it a little faster, as a piano+sax+bass trio. You can hear the heavy Yellowjackets influence in this composition.

    Thanks for the feedback, you've given my some useful critique and good ideas!

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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    Wow! Just plain drop-dead gorgeous writing, Greg!
    That string work is excellent.

    Maybe a little less reverb and a tad more work with
    dynamics in the rendering; but in its Barber-like
    melodic qualities and ravishing harmonies, I could
    listen to this all day.

    Maybe I will.

    My best,


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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    Nice Tune and beautiful Harmony. !!!
    I like the restraint shown with both vibrato and portamento.

    One suggestion for the background string parts, would be to find the odd note that is common to 2 succeeding chords and overlap it.
    This could reduce the feeling of chord-----chord-----another chord-------etc, etc,.
    It would be nice to have the odd note that wasnt always pumping, as the swells start to get a bit predictable after a while.

    I reaaly like your writing approach and hope to hear some more of your music.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    I love the backing chords. It sounds alot like something Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays would do.

    I would love to play around with the Strad midi file for fun.

    If you don't feel offended, you could send me a PM with an mp3 minus the Strad, and a midi file of just the Strad.

    That would be fun.


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    Re: Cloud Gazers (Stradivari)

    MIDI file: http://download.yousendit.com/CFF52B932BEC25BF

    The mod wheel on the string section parts controls volume. (I used Miroslav Philharmonik)

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