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Topic: SIPS problem

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    SIPS problem

    So I got the SIPS a little while ago, I believe v 110, and I loaded it up. When I load it, a crossfade knob shows up, but nothing else- none of the range info buttons or anything else. There is a tab next to the xtime knob and it says "empty", and when I click on it, it gives me nothing but empty as an option. What did I do wrong?

    Thank you,


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    Re: SIPS problem

    Hi Mark,
    What version of Kontakt do you use? I think you need at least Kontakt 2.1.


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    Re: SIPS problem


    I'm using version 2.1 currently. I will soon be installing 2.2. Any thoughts? Did I happen to get a version that is missing something, or got corrupted? How about install- I just dragged and dropped the files into the folder for Scripts- is there something else I should do?

    Thank you,


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    Re: SIPS problem

    Version 2.1.1 introduced new commands (set_knob_unit & set_knob_label among others). If SIPS uses any of these, using it with pre 2.1.1 will yield results like those you report.

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    Re: SIPS problem


    Thank you both for your time. Ijut installed 2.2, and now all is well.



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    Re: SIPS problem


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    Re: SIPS problem

    How very like a man to assume everyone else is one. Sorry Nickie.

    Thank you,


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    Re: SIPS problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    I was under the impression Nickie was masculan... I guess the ''e'' at the end is for female then?.... Also I'm one of those who seem to forget there are female into sampling... Anyway that's cool.

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    Re: SIPS problem

    "Females into sampling" - that just sounds funny, I don't know why.

    "Man, if only I could find a chick who's into Kontakt, man... she'd be perfect, man. That's all I need. A samplin' woman!"

    But, uh, in all seriousness though, Nickie's middle name is Katharina... which is definitely feminine. And her website's all purple and blue and sparkly - a big hint, as well.

    It's not so unusual, is it? Girls can be penniless and reliant on sample libraries over real orchestras too, you know!


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    Re: SIPS problem

    Why being a smart ~~~ about this?... I've never meat one in reel life that's all so i was under the impression that you you know?... Of course i new there were, i just forget about it sometimes. that's all! And I'm glade there are! OK?!!

    "Females into sampling" - that just sounds funny, I don't know why.
    Well I'm french so maybe it did come out a little strange... I could have just said electronic music etc...

    Anyway I'm glade there are. hell! If it's like what we see at school they'll be ahead of us in no time. So yea! I think it's cool... What's wrong with this? WTF!

    P.S. And i sure I'm glade she's here because she as been helping a lot...

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