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Topic: How to play a sax section chord?

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    Question How to play a sax section chord?

    I'm brand new to a forum and to JABB. I do have it working. It does sound great and is a ton of fun. Can I ask however, is it possible to set up the Kontact parts so that I could play a 4 part chord with say, sop sax, alto, tenor and bari sax? This idea would be something I would want to do often-with brass sections, string sections SATB, etc. Do I dream the impossible or do I have rookyitis? Thanks

    Malcolm Hines

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    Re: How to play a sax section chord?

    I don't think that's possible within the Kontakt Player, as I'm understanding you. However, I think the Lite patches are polyphonic so you could have multiple notes sounding, but they'd all be played by the same instrument - all altos for example.

    A solution might be to purchase Kontakt 2 and create a preset where you would have the four saxes laid out over four keyboard zones. That wouldn't be ideal to cover all situations, but it might get you closer. If you're trying to set it up so that whenever you play a four note voicing you get SATB sounds, I don't know that that's possible with current technology, although the guys at Audio Impressions (DVZ Strings) have come up with some interesting stuff to create divisi (DVZ - get it?) string sections on the fly, so maybe that will eventually work it's way over to a sax section library later on.

    I like your idea, especially since I do a lot of big band writing, but I think we're a ways from achieving it, unless someone at NAMM proves me wrong. Here's hoping!
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: How to play a sax section chord?

    Hi Malcolm,

    Make sure you read all of the documentation and download the latest JABB update. As BMDAUSTIN said, the "lite" wind instruments are polyphonic. Are you working in a sequencer or a notation program. Ideally each instrument is set to its own midi channel and has no need to be polyphonic.

    Now if you're just using this in stand-alone mode, and are just playing the sax section at one chord at a time to listen to voicings, then you could load an alto, tenor and bari, all "lite" instruments into the same midi channel. That way when you play anything on the keyboard, you'll hear a complete sax section.

    But on any pitches that exist on each instrument (i.e., middle C), you'll actually hear all three saxes playing that note in unison.


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    Re: How to play a sax section chord?

    Though I understand the desire for playing chords in the way you're wishing for, I really feel it would be a counter productive method.

    For years, MIDI musicians would dial up "brass section" patches on their hardware synths and play the sound like a keyboardist, banging away at triads with their right hand. The results were--abstract, and could be acceptable in a non-realistic way.

    But with such excellent sounding solo instruments, it's much more desireable to play each instrument separately for building chords in arrangements. You can concentrate on the nuances of each instrument--Play that single instrument, then move on in building your ensemble and recording.

    I know you understand how to do what I've described--I'm just suggesting that to have an option like you describe would never yield the best results.


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