I just bought PMI Old Lady in the Sampletekk group buy and am very impressed with how it sounds. However, i'm using ProteusX2 and had to convert from the Giga2 file that i bought. Inevitably (as it seems to be with this sort of thing) some of the preset programming didn't come through correctly, and i've had to set it up myself (Which in a way is a good thing as i'm learning a whole bunch of stuff i didn't know before - and i'm new to sampler programming in general, so please excuse my n00b like questions!)

Anyway, my question is this... how do i get the release samples to trigger at the correct volume (If someone can help me with EmuX/ProteusX then great, but i'd also just like to know the general theory behind this). I have them triggered on key release (obviously) using the original note-on velocity, but if the main voice sample has faded to almost silence then the release samples are jarringly loud (ok, maybe not jarringly, but noticebably louder than they should be ). I don't seem to have anyway of knowing what level the main voice is at when the key is released (Since the ADSR is flat, and the fading is all in the sample)

Any advice?