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Topic: Mac based system

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    Mac based system

    My daughter really wants me to buy a mac system for my next computer. If she prevails upon me, what do I have to look forward to for purchasing playback sample engines, samples, sequencers and the like? I know that I can use my Finale on the mac as well as the PC. I also know that my Gigastudio does not go on the Mac.

    Any comments?


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    Re: Mac based system

    Hi Chambermusic,

    I converted to Mac when I got my DAW. I am so glad I did, nearly all packages for the PC( except Sonar) will run on a Mac. there is a BUT, however (a big one too)

    At the moment the universal binary that is needed to run alot of apps is still not in place. some are there though...

    I run Logic on a Mac G5 Quad which was a late one before the change over.

    If your using it for music add an extra 4GB ram too....

    A Mac to me is a Grown ups machine, in that it does not have all the pointless garbage that you get with windows.

    I hope that helps in some way

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    Re: Mac based system

    look out for Universal Binary hell...some key stuff is not there yet (Like Trilogy and Atmosphere)
    -david abraham

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