Hi folks. I am evaluating WinXP Pro 64-bit Edition, and have recently gotten all of my DAW plug-ins and such set up and running to verify that they work under x64 (this is running as a 32-bit process in WoW64 since Cubase 4 does not have a native 64-bit version yet). I have had good luck with pretty much everything except for GigaPulse VST -- in this case, the installer doesn't even run, and it mis-identifies the OS as Windows Server.

Have any GigaPulse VST users out there had any better luck on x64? I thought maybe there would be an unpublished switch that might skip the OS check on the installation and allow it to continue to install, since it would likely work just fine in this scenario once installed (since it's running as a 32-bit process in emulation mode anyway).


- Chris