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Topic: Well You Needn't (JABB)

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    Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Here's my first song (or partial song for that matter) with JABB.


    Just trying my hand at Jazz arranging, which I haven't done much of--I'm used to doing a lot of orchestral arranging, even though I AM really a Jazz musician.

    I have certain sounds in my head in terms of arranging, but I'm not quite there yet to recognize arranging-wise what goes on to produce that sound. I'll work on it.

    The piano solo is not that great due to the fact it was played in through a 66-key semi-weighted keyboard. (too lazy to set up the 88-key beast)

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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    nice work, Greg, and the piano solo sounds quite good to me...


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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Thanks, Roberto, that means a lot to me, especially coming from someone so skilled at JABB like yourself.

    I guess I'm having a difficult time getting that smooth sax section sound, and the trumpets/trombones in the midrange sound. It'll take some more work and experimentation. I'm taking a Jazz arranging class next semester, so no doubt that'll be a great help.

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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Nice, Greg! And I'm with Roberto--the piano sounded great. I glance over at my 4 octave keyboard with unweighted synth action on the keys---sigh.

    What's the hassle about setting up your 88 key board? Space in your home studio I guess?

    ANyway, loved your piece. It cooked in a nice light way. Loved it.


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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    You don't loose any time, do you Greg?

    Sounds very nice! The brass sound somewhat a little "wrong" but I definately can't place it, as I knwo very little about jazz. So don't listen anything I say.

    The piano and drums sound fabulous on the other hand. It's you playing right? It's brilkliant!

    Can I ask if the UB is included in JABB or is your own playing, or your own sample? Hope I'm not impying any spaming in here...


    PS. Too short! Too short!

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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    What's the hassle about setting up your 88 key board? Space in your home studio I guess?
    Ah, I'm just plain lazy I guess. It takes a little while to set it up since I keep it packed for gigs. Whereas the 66-key was already set up.

    Nikolas, maybe what you're hearing is the lack of "mids" in the arrangement. I'm having a difficult time getting that sound that I want, but with some formal training that should set me in the right direction.

    The upright bass is JABB, I used it just because I wanted the song to be 100% JABB.

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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Garrrr!!! FINISH IT!!!

    Amazing stuff. I just got JABB in the mail today; this is very inspiring.

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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Thanks, Zach. I'm pretty new at JABB myself.

    If you really want to hear some amazing use of JABB, listen to Roberto's works, notably this:


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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)


    Loved it, Greg -- this is strong work; some quirky
    but highly effective arranging; lotta great color;
    and just a darned good job, all around.

    Get back in there and finish this one!

    I want to hear the rest of it!

    My best,


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    Re: Well You Needn't (JABB)

    Can't say that this particular music suits my taste but it was very well done! (I am a jazz fan though) Liked the String bass 'and' the piano solo. Well recorded too!

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