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Topic: Hello!

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    Hello everyone

    I would just like to introduce myself as I'm new here and plan to be an active member in the future. I've been composing music using computers as just a hobby mostly messing around with all various techs. My current setup is a 4400+ AMD X2, 2 gig ram, Hammerfall 9632 soundcard, mostly using gigastudio. I've currently started using gigastudio 3 but feel that its not been as well supported as I had hoped, I really wish to find more out about the sample libraries and other techs. I also have a Studiologic VMK 188 plus midi controller keyboard. My current quest is to find a piano sampleset I like the sound of, right off to the piano forum then!


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    Re: Hello!

    Hi Ciao,

    Yes, welcome!
    This is the second welcome this week I've given here some one just joining. Great to have another newcomer!
    Using sample libraries and midi is great. You'll like this forum - theres so many members who use so many different libraries, and there is a real open attitude here on this forum where libraries are discussed quite freely and openly, in a very helpful way. It's also a good forum, in that it keeps up with all the latest developments in sample libraries, and other areas related to them.

    If you are interested in piano libraries, theres plenty of material here if you do a search, and of course there is the piano section. I'm actually very interested in the new Garritan Steinway which, hopefully will be released soon.

    I won't go on as there are so many good piano libraries out there, I am sure you will eventually find what you want....or....find that you want more than one library, not just one!

    I hope you enjoy being part of this forum!



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