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Topic: The Forgotten Element

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    The Forgotten Element

    Hello everyone!

    I'm here to share with you a little more of the music for The Forgotten Element, in the form of a single track from the soundtrack.

    So please click/download/listen and enjoy the track with the ingenious name "The Forgotten Element" (or TFE for short)!

    The Forgotten Element (<-Click here!)

    The forgotten Element.

    I can feel the tress shedding their leaves
    I see their tears fall...
    The shadowed vines creep through our mind.
    As memories slowly fade and die.

    And yet there's no reply...

    Dark skies, but still we dream of gleaming trees.
    Our thoughts; Sacrifices to a parasite
    How could we forget that sight?

    When the skies closed their eyes.
    I've been waiting to cry.

    And yet there's no reply...

    The trees of light stand now bare,
    their leaves all shed.
    Greys and Browns intensified.
    Our spirits?
    washed with the sterile rain

    And yet there's no reply...

    And the skies closed their eyes,
    I’ve been waiting to cry.

    And the skies closed their eyes,
    I’ve been waiting to cry.

    And the skies closed their eyes,
    I’ve been waiting to cry.

    Soprano voice by Sofia Zarani
    Music, Orchestration, Production by Nikolas
    Lyrics By Lemmy and Binky with tiny adaptations by Nikolas
    Voice Recordings by Studio Victory, Athens

    Me and Sofia, while listening back to the track we recorded / Me and my engineer

    EWQL Gold and Gold XP Pro
    EWQL Symphonic Choirs

    All feedback is, of course, welcome

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    Thumbs up Re: The Forgotten Element

    I'm not too familiar with this genre of music, but it sounds great. Very cool lyrics too, btw.


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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    That sounds quite delightful nikolas. !!

    The Orchestra and choir in particular sound very good.
    The Soprano soloist sounds pretty far back in the mix, but I guess this was a conscious decision.

    The shifting of tonal centres by a third is a very typically filmic "epic" sound, but it is handled very well here. (As in your repeating refrain at the end).

    Thanks for sharing, it was a pleasure to hear your music.

    regards Joe

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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    David: Thanks for listening. I have the impression that it's towards film music, but probably my music is a little... difficult (?):S But I do think this is film music, most probably...

    Joe: Don't know when you donwloaded the file, (or listened), so I would appreciate an answer, but I changed the reverb quite a lot and replaced the old file with the new, where the soprano is further up front, the dry signal louder and the EQ only on the reverb signal much better handled...

    I always have trouble mixing live stuff with EW products... I need more experience on that I guess...

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    Re: The Forgotten Element


    Very nice work. I enjoyed that! Your soprano has a low E - wow! I think I heard the later mix, because the balance seemed good to me...
    I'm looking forward to hearing more from the film - what was the name again?


    RealSax.com "When you need real sax in your tracks."

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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    Wow, gorgeous work, Nikolas!

    Love the entire mood/ feeling you've created.

    My only minor critique would to bring the Soprano forward a bit.. She's got a lovely voice!

    Amazing !


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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    I will echo other comments. I enjoy the track. Nice blend of styles and textures. I do think the soprano is too far back in the mix- way too far for the first half where she is in her lower register. But in general, if you have lyrics, I assume you want them understood, and right now, they are waaaay too far back and still buried in alot of reverb to be clear. Mix-wise, I would point towards Phillip Glass 1000 Airplanes on the roof. Beautiful score- the soprano had no words, and yet was further forward in the mix. But my personal bias is always towards vocals, as I do theatre music, and clarity is everything.

    Nice work.


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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    Thank you for your comments.

    Jim, glad you think the balance is good. It's not a film, it's a computer game actually "The Forgotten Element".

    Jeff, indeed I have an issue with reverbs in general, so I will kindly ask when you downloaded the file, if you did when I first posted, then you probably got the worst version. Silly of me that I didn't use a different name... I have rasied quite a lot the dry signal at -11 db. Hopefully lyrics are far clearer...

    Mark, thanks for your comments.

    Thing about this track is that lyrics don't really matter THAT much. It's actually background music, and I wanted to make a song. I find that the later mix, although it's not giving the lyrcis really easily, is a good one, as it does place the soprano where it should be (more or less :S as I said sometimes... I don't work well with reverbs...). Do note that my singer is classically trained and lyrics were not exactly perfect to begin with (not her fault as all classical singer have this issue with lyrcs as you may have noticed...).

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    Re: The Forgotten Element

    Wow, Nikolas, this is gorgeous work!


    Beautifully written, I found this deeply moving
    and a great pleasure to listen to (several times,
    in fact)... there are parts of this that literally
    gave me chills; dramatic and soul-grabbing from
    the opening measure to the end.

    Extremely well executed and recorded as well;
    this is composition and performance at its best.
    Impressive work!

    Please, more!

    With admiration and applause,


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    Thumbs up Re: The Forgotten Element

    I am enjoying this piece as it stands on it's own- a lovely powerful work.
    Are these all real instruments- and if not what samples are you using?

    I am quite interested in your harmonic approach- I haven't sat down to figure it out- but what other modern composers did you use for inspiration? It sounds like a series of unrelated minor chords are used at certain points (I think).


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