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Topic: Reverb+soundcard

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    I'd like to run GS sound card + Lexicon reverb connected via digital I/O only. Is it possible with one single soundcard? (picture 1) Or do I need two cards in my computer? (picture 2) And if I buy specifically two M-audio 2496 cards, will both S/PDIF inputs and outputs really separately available and working together? Or is it possible with some other single card? More expensive soundcards have usually more analog I/O, but still only one S/PDIF I/O. Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Reverb+soundcard

    LOL, really nobody who has any advanced sound card could't answer this simple technical question?? I thought that almost everyone with hardware reverb uses such or similar setup. Is it possible with one soundcard or two? Do you see the picture in the firt post?

    Where are those times when NS was primarily forum about advices and answering problems and not market advertisements...

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    Re: Reverb+soundcard

    Gregoir: Yes, sure, sorry, I didn't mean it exactly. It was meant rather in general. Of course there are many helpful people in here.

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    Re: Reverb+soundcard

    I haven't had to deal with anything like this for a good while, and not on cards with optical inputs, but in the old days, it was doable with one card if the card was full duplex - meaning it could play and record at the same time. That's what you need, but I don't know if digital IO cards are full duplex or not - I've never had a reason to look.

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    Re: Reverb+soundcard

    juan: Thanks a lot. They are full duplex. It should be possible with one card with more analog I/O, however I am not sure whether these signals can be separated with only one digital I/O: GS dry (digital out) - from the same, allready processed signal coming from revebrator back to soundcard (via digital in) that I want to record, without the original GS dry. Maybe two separate sound cards will solve this..

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