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Topic: Midi Recording Troubles with EWQLSO Gold XP

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    Midi Recording Troubles with EWQLSO Gold XP

    Hello all.

    I hope someone has a little advice for me on this one.

    I use Sonar 5 Producer Edition.

    I am recording a pop song and using some nice strings from EWQLSO Gold XP (the 70 person ensemble with QLegato).

    I have Xphraze, DiscoveryDSP and StylusRMX on other tracks.

    When I record the EWQLSO Gold XP track (and looking at the piano roll), I see other data being recorded that I am not playing (in red). I am using the included kompakt player, although I do own Kontakt 2, but have not used it in this song.

    When I play back what I recorded in Sonar, wrong low notes are all over the place.

    It should be noted that no other synth has had this problem (in multiple projects) and all tracks except Stylus RMX have been frozen. The only track armed for recording is EWQLSO Gold XP. No other track has input echo on, except the one for EWQLSO.

    It almost looks like bleed though, where one or more of the other tracks are recording onto this new synth (EWQLSO) track.

    Also, I tried muting all tracks except EWQLSO, I turned off the input echo on the EWQLSO track. It does not matter what I do, notes seem to randomly record in Sonar on the EWQLSO track. No other track does this.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on? I would really like to use these strings, if possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Midi Recording Troubles with EWQLSO Gold XP


    Make sure you are using the VST version of the player. The DXi version has a weird tempo change bug that causes weird playback of notes.


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