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Topic: GS3 QS looses installed files

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    GS3 QS looses installed files

    GS3 cannot see some .gig and .gsi although they are installed. And are visible in filemanager.
    I did a defrag - was that bad?
    I tried rebuilding QS database, did not get better.
    Yes I know many people switched to K2.
    GS3 v 3.20
    It does search for .gig files.
    I did the uncheck of "Show only instruments that match search" - did not do it.
    Did try to delete db folder,then rebuild QS, did not do it.
    There is no upper limit to QS database size - is what I know.

    Any ideas/experiences - would be most welcome.
    Best regards


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    Re: GS3 QS looses installed files


    yes GS3 is really amazing, I also thinking about to change to kontakt...
    anyway...try to build the Quicksounddatabase like this.

    Delete the folder "db" this is in your Giga folder. After this start GS3 and let it
    rebuild your Database. After this close GS3 at once. Than launch GS3 again.
    This tutorial is form learninggigastudio.

    This works normally. But GS3 has some more nice bugs.

    Yesterday I was not able to open any of my old gsps. I update to 3.12 than to 3.21. The result is that every sample is played only for a secont and then it is cut off. Many users of GS3 have the same problem but there is no explanation for that.



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