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Topic: CC17 on pitch wheel

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    CC17 on pitch wheel

    Well here it is new to this program jazz bigband . I'm trying to get the vibrato to work I assigned the pitch wheel cc17 and turned on my aftertouch the keyboard is E-Mu xboard 49 but nothing happens the wheel has no effect I'm wondering if its the keyboard the aftertouch is not like my old Dx7 the e-mu uses velocity curves

    any Ideas Thanks

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    Re: CC17 on pitch wheel

    Are you going through a sequencer? In Sonar you have to enable aftertouch (options/global/midi). Just a thought.


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    Re: CC17 on pitch wheel

    Im using cubase 4 but but in this case I was adjusting the cc17 with the standalone JazzBB and the setup program for my e-mu 49 the pitch wheel does change but with no effect(vibrato) I'm using Mac g5 ppc

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    Re: CC17 on pitch wheel

    Aftertouch is the controller that affects intensity of vibrato. Adjusting cc17 will have no audible effect until Aftertouch data is introduced. So, if your keyboard is sending Aftertouch data correctly then just press a key and, while holding it, increase downward finger pressure on the key. You should hear vibrato introduced as you press harder. The speed of the vibrato will be controlled by cc17. If you still hear no vibrato then record the data to a MIDI track as you increase pressure on the key. Examine the track data to see if you are indeed recording Aftertouch (sometimes called Channel Pressure) data. This should help you narrow the search for the problem.


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    Re: CC17 on pitch wheel

    Ok Found my problem it turns out that the e-mu keyboard was note installed with care what i did was (cave man style) apply muscle to the keyboard until the keys started to respond thanks tom and twinset for you input for anyone else who might buy a new keyboard take it out of the box at the store and make sure the keyboard is level mine was lifting in the middle enough to give me trouble with the aftertouch

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