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Topic: Nothing new from Sibelius at NAMM

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    Nothing new from Sibelius at NAMM

    "Sibelius will indeed be at NAMM. We don't have any new product announcements to make at the show this year, though we are sharing a booth with our new colleagues at Digidesign and M-Audio, and we're looking forward to talking about the ways products from all three companies can be used together now, with more exciting things to come in the future." -Daniel Spreadbury, Sibelius

    Too bad, some of us were hoping Sibelius 5 was going to be introduced...

    Keith Walls

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    Re: Nothing new from Sibelius at NAMM

    I was hoping too...

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    Re: Nothing new from Sibelius at NAMM

    My guess is that Sibelius 5 will be introduced later this year. They seem to be on a 2 year release schedule. In the past they made their announcement shortly after the new Finale gets announced. So Finale usually announces their latest in late June/early July, I'm expecting Sibelius to announce shortly thereafter.

    The again it might happen next month.


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    Re: Nothing new from Sibelius at NAMM

    I hope, for the sake of that wonderful software tool, that the next version hosts VST instruments.


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