I am running Windows XP pro SP2
I installed JABB for use with CakeWalk SONAR.
Trying to start any project I get the error message:

Application Installation Error.
Please reinstall Gary Garritan - Jazz Big Band.

When I click the OK button, I get a second error window with:
Error D:\CVS\ni\1.3.4\gp\src\Common/Init_GP.cpp:51

I click that OK button, and SONAR quits.

I get the same error message when I try to run JABB as a stand alone
with the Kontact player (click OK on the message window, and the player quits, no second error window).

Same when I try to run it from Garritan Studio.

This setup worked fine when I was running it on Windows 2000
on the same machine.
I have tried reinstalling several times. Sometimes uninstalling first,
sometimes not.

Any Suggestions?