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Topic: Need to narrow down piano choice...

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    Need to narrow down piano choice...

    Need a piano that would be at home in pop, this time not as bright as WG but fitting well in a mix. The ones I have are great pianos, but even with EQ adjustments, are not right for this job. I need less thinness/brittleness, some warm body but not mud. The other big criteria is it needs to be one that is lower on CPU.

    I have WGJr, TSO, RainPiano (which I though would work here but doesn't), Black Grand (too intensive for my G4 dual)

    I am considering PMI 290 or Emperor, Old Lady, SG88, PMI C7 or whatever else you suggest, feel free. Thanks.

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    Re: Need to narrow down piano choice...

    I've heard that Steinberg Grand2 is good for this, but I haven't tried it. You should check out the new TruePiano too..its impressive. Don't be afraid to use a little EQ with whatever piano you already have also.
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    Re: Need to narrow down piano choice...

    ART VISTA Vgp, very nice and a bargain too

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    Re: Need to narrow down piano choice...

    I tried the preview version of Gary Garritan's upcoming Steinway at NAMM yesterday. All I can say is Wow!

    This will be a strong contender for best software Steinway.
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