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Topic: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

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    Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    If I get K2, will I be able to import the EXS library that comes with Logic Pro?

    I may want to use EXS sounds when starting a project in Logic and then moving it to PT.

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    The quick answer is, yes you can!

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    That's very good news!

    Does it also translate the GB samples that you can load in EXS?

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    the quick answer to this one, unfortunately, is no.

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    Quote Originally Posted by lwilliam
    Does it also translate the GB samples that you can load in EXS?
    I must (with respect) disagree: yes, it does.

    I have transferred all my garageband and Jampack 3 instruments into Kontakt 2.2. 98% of them work just fine as .nki instruments..... only a handful of exceptions, prog rock bass for example......

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    I guess I should have been more specific. There are different types of garage band instruments. If the garage band instruments use the EXS sample player to produce their sounds, then YES, they can be loaded into Kontakt. But, there are garage band instruments that do NOT use EXS or any samples to produce their sound. These obviously cannot be loaded directly into Kontakt.

    Of course you can sample ANYTHING if you wish: see redmatica.com for tools to build your own exs instruments).

    Kontakt should be able to load anything thats a SAMPLE BASED instrument. If you dont know for sure if the specific instrument you're using is sample based or not, just ask.

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    I know enough about various DAWs and sampling to realize that you couldn't convert the GB sounds that use variations of Apples's modelling synths, only the ones that are sample-based. I hope it converts things like ADSR and filter frequencies, modulation, etc. Some of the Hybrid-Analog sounds are very usable.

    Even if it doesn't, this is still good news overall.

    Now, the cheapest I've found K2 is $299, no tax, no shipping. Is that the best I'll see?

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    If you want to import natural instruments like orchestral sounds etc. you are fine. Layers, switches and so on are imported fine.

    If you want to import synth instruments which use the EXS filter you will have to tweak after import. And still you won't get the same sound, beacause the envelopes of K2 can't affect the cutoff over such a wide range. Furthermore you will have to replace the 2 pole filter which is used as a default by a 6 pole or the Pro 53 one. You may find this thread interesting:

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    Well I finally tried importing the EXS Analog Pads. Uh...not even close to the EXS sound. I then tried Synth Pads, then Analog Percussion Waves.

    None were even close. It imports and seems to play the right sample and it loops OK, but the filters, effects, etc. None seem to work.

    Are there any EXS folder (original EXS Lib) that DO import correctly?

    Do 3rd party libs that come in EXS format only work any better?

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    Re: Quick Question: EXS to K2?

    The less filter settings these 3rd party libs use, the closer their sound is to the original EXS. It is as I've said two articles above.

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