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Topic: Notes cutting out for no reason?

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    Notes cutting out for no reason?

    I have a simple chorale texture (3-4 note chords, half notes and whole notes) in JABB Steinway.

    It's cutting some of the notes short during playback (SONAR).

    I'm watching the polyphony and it's going nowhere near the limit. Piano roll shows the notes extended for the full values.

    What's going on?


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    Re: Notes cutting out for no reason?

    Solved it almost as soon as I posted.

    I had another, very similar part running on another track *on the same channel*.

    The other channel was *muted* so I thought it wouldn't conflict -- but apparently the notes/messages are processed anyway. I changed that track to another channel/instrument and things seem to be working ok.

    Thanks to all of you who *would* have replied if this post had existed for more than 5 minutes!


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    Re: Notes cutting out for no reason?

    You are welcome. It was really nothing.

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