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Topic: Dvz ?!?!

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    Dvz ?!?!

    So, how was it? How does it sounds?
    Somebody heard it?
    It's noisy at NAMM, but how does it sounds through the noise?

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Max Head
    So, how was it? How does it sounds?
    Somebody heard it?
    It's noisy at NAMM, but how does it sounds through the noise?
    Max, I'm wondering the same thing. The only news I've seen regarding AI straight from NAMM is the following article:


    Hopefully AI will have some demos up soon.



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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    The initial reports I've read weren't very positive, but it's early yet.

    But for me it doesn't matter how good it sounds. It will be out of my price range!

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    From the reports I've heard from people who were at NAMM, I heard it sounded good, but not better than any of the other top libraries to justify the cost. Still very interested in hearing the official demos whenever they may come out.

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    .....6 computers just for a "divisi" algorithm ????
    Are they crazy ? For that required money investiment i want something
    pretty closer to a real Orchestra, very better than existing lybz.
    A lot of us are capable to write "divisi" no matter how much real sound
    a mockup if the final goal is a real Orchestra.......

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    10 / 15k for a string lib? wow, that's very steep.

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    Thank god for Gary then... and GOS2! I do have to say that GOS was my first library (to try my hands on... never bought it, never had it at home) and still is best loved.

    div issues on samplers.

    for me there are 2 ways really. Ew (and other companies surely, just that I know for sure about EW), have sections for 3-4 players, which makes up for div all the way. It's a little more trouble but not a lot.

    The way I use div when working on my Phd (for example) is soooo difficult, so it mainly needs 16 vln players, and not any div thing. Why would anyone go and div. a 6 the Vln. I?????

    Anyways, it is one of the things that still is missing from sampling, so kudos...

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by teebones
    10 / 15k for a string lib? wow, that's very steep.
    I can't find the info now, but I think the price is for the complete collection, which includes over 600 instruments. (here's the PDF: http://www.audioimpressions.com/Supp...ibraryList.pdf )

    Looks like you get a lot for your money! Not that it makes a difference to me; it's way outside my price range no matter how much it comes with.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    Did I miss a report on when Gary will have GOS2 demos - shipments out?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Dvz ?!?!

    Sounds way too overpriced to me, especially compared to whats available form other developers. And the min requirements are ridiculous, again compared to what is alredy available. Cost does not justify the features
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