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Topic: Big Band Funk (JABB)

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    Big Band Funk (JABB)


    The guitar and bass are played by myself. All the horn lines and solo is played in the keyboard (with envelope/expression tweaking afterwards).

    The mixing needs work, and the drum solos as well as everything else in general need to be a little more aggressive and "down-to-earth".

    The tambourine and the congas are from the extra percussion that comes with NS Kit 7. All the horns and drums are JABB, of course.

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)


    Very tasty and funky sounding. Good job.

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    I'd listen to this anytime Greg. Mixing is an art form in it's own right. There are lots of things I'd like to tweak in this track but the most important thing is the performance of the musicians (you in this case). Keep them coming.


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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    Great work, Greg, liked the 7/8 guitar pattern in the intro, the brass theme and background phrases, solo trumpet, drums programming and your guitar and bass playing (well, I might as well say I liked everything). I find the mix very well done and balanced...


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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    I have to say Greg, that this is much much better than the other two you posted! JABB sounds marvelous!

    The guitar (since it's live!) sounds fabulous, and the drums... well... you already had experience with them already muchos!

    This is the time to post, thank you for sharing...

    Maybe Gary should move this tune to the JABB demos page? Although not fully made with JABB it shows clearly what JABB can do, mixed with other instruments (where, lets face it a lot of people do).

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    I like the sound. What drum jabb drum kit did you use, and how did you enter the sounds. (notation software, real time, etc.) Good job.

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    It's just the fusion kit. I may have seperated the output for the snare so I could bus it to some nice snare reverb, I forget. But there's some EQing and subtle reverb on the kit.

    Everything else JABB is played in my keyboard, and then I go back and put in expression controller and stuff like that. This is all in Sonar.

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)


    Great funky sound all around!!! Nice live and keyboard work. I like the trumpet and sax lines very much. thanks for sharing it.



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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    Wow this is just great!... I have got to get my teeth into this library. I got my copy in the group buy and have been so darned busy I haven't made time to play it.

    Between this and the stuff oldbob are putting out, I'm all inspired now. shucks

    Experience what is necessary to build upon self character, for that is Life's most significant learning event.

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    Re: Big Band Funk (JABB)

    I've said it before and I'll say it once again: Roberto is my idol when it comes to his incredible arrangements and renderings in JABB. I hope that one day I have gotten as fluent as he with the nuances of JABB and develop my own custom tweaks to maximize the effectiveness of the library.

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