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Topic: OT-Web site advice.

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    Question OT-Web site advice.

    The host I use for my web site is not user friendly. I'm using iPower and more than 90% of the time I cannot log onto my own web page or mail. Anyone have suggestions for more stable host?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    I've been using hostgator.com for about a year with no problems at all. I like the fact that they bill monthly, rather than annually, so if they don't perform, I can fire them without losing a lot of money.

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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    Try LunarPages.com Styxx.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    I have absolutely nothing but praise for Crystaltech, with whom I have been hosted for about 6 years. They have a wonderful self-administration control page, and give you a lot of control for yourself. On the few occassions I've had a problem, emails were always returned within 15-20 minutes, and always solved the problem for me.
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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    I've been using Bluehost for over a year

    .. only for my meager needs so far, but they seem to be quite extensive.



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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    Styxx, where are you from? (location)

    anyway, a global hosting company which is good (but not cheap):


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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    I've been happy with globat.com

    The amount of space/bandwidth they give you is insane, and I've never had any problems with outages.


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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    I Use 1and1.com

    It is fantastic. SUPER cheap and is one of the biggest webhosting companies on the planet.


    The most inexpensive of the plans has 5 gigs of storage space and 250 gigs of monthly transfer rate!!!!!

    I think they are having a sale right now - 1.50 per month for the starter. That is 50% off! I started a few months ago at $3 a month. I am very happy with them - never had outages, etc.

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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    After reviewing several dozen hosts, examining uptime,
    testing the responsiveness, expertise, and speed of
    support, etc., I recently moved 17 of my sites over to a new
    host. The details are currently noted in the upper right
    of the page on www.DavidSosnowski.com

    While I caution you can never predict the future performance
    (or lack thereof) of any operation, *this* time I did the
    research and the homework in spades... and so far, I'm
    quite pleased.


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    Re: OT-Web site advice.

    Best one I've used so far was XAOS Media. Unfortunately, their service went down the tubes and now I'm on DreamHost and haven't had problems.

    But, whatever you do, don't use HostOnce. Terrible host. I keep finding things missing (don't point out the problem in this statement).

    Here are a few things to look for in a host.

    1. Linux. Windows Hosting may look appealing, but Linux runs lighter and runs Apache. Also, *nix (Unix, Linux, BSD, etc.) run 80% of the internet.

    2. Cheap. Enough said.

    3. Space. The more the better if you are hosting music.

    4. Bandwidth. The more the...just read number 3's explanation.

    5. Reviews. Check webhostingtalk for this information.

    6. Server Technology. Don't go for ASP and ASP.NET. My recommendation is PHP and MySQL. PHP and MySQL have vast arrays of software availible and it's quite easy to program your own using PHP.

    7. FTP. Always use FTP or SFTP.

    8. Security. HTTPS and SSL are nice. Yet, they are optional.

    9. Mail. Webmail is a good choice in service. However, different clients can change experiences. SquirrelMail is a straightforward client yet I prefer Horde as it allows for modules.
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