I figured I'd just send a big thanks to the following developers for putting out cool products that make getting the music in my imagination out into the real world. Keep up the great work gents (and gals)

IK MultiMedia Miroslav Phliharmonik- beautiful strings, easy editing on the player, low CPU demands and for getting rid of the dongle in favor of 4 registrations!

Garritan J&BB and Strad 2- love the saxes and control over them. Strad 2 is amazing.

VSL/NI- for including some great legato instruments bundled with Kontakt 2. Happy that NI released a Universal version before the end of 2006 also. Thumbs up guys!

Sonivox- Okay, technically they are M-Audio but I know that both Symphonic Strings and Brass come from Sonic Implants libraries and they are great.

[b]MOTU Symphonic Instrument- nice period instruments like recorder and lute as well as a great user interface that allows for easy assignment of keyswitches.

Arturia CS80v great warm sounds.

Korg Digital Legacy Collection- I use more of these sounds than I would have thought I'd use before buying this library. Love the WAvestation sounds too. Really great.

Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra apparently I have more orchestra libs than active brain cells. Love the strings on this one. Hoping they release a Universal version so I can use it on my intel Macs soon!

Virtuoso Works NOTION My goto application for composing for live orchestra. It's just so immediate and fast. Yes, it might not compete with the big-boys (yet) but it's the closest interface I've used to what I learned on in university (pencil, paper and piano).

Great job everyone. All the best to you all for 2007!