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Topic: East West Platinum XP and ProTools HD

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    East West Platinum XP and ProTools HD

    Does anyone own the East West Platinum XP sample library and run it with ProTools HD 7.3.1? I have a Mac G5 2.7 with 5 gigs of RAM. I realize I may need to print some tracks as I am working but am more concerned with the NI Kontak player that ships with the library and its stability with PT.

    Anyone use this library with PT?

    Thank you.

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    Re: East West Platinum XP and ProTools HD

    I use Gold XP with Pro Tools LE, and it works great, though I run 2 computers to get more out of it. Messing around with the DFD settings is a must most of the time to get the best playback, however, EW is going to be releasing their new player soon, which will replace NI's player, might want to wait just a bit, it should be very nice.

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