Here's a link to info on Lou Reed's recent live production of the infamous 1973 Berlin album. I was one of the few, one of the brave to buy it and actually listen to it. I recently downloaded it from iTunes and the mix is much better than the original release. It was still very sad to listen to The Kids when the children start crying for their mother as they are being removed from her custody. Jim and Caroline got what they deserved I guess.

The album cover has the title finger painted with blood on shattered glass which gives you an idea where this story is going.

I recommend this album to anyone who has an interest in progressive or art rock of the seventies but not to the clinically depressed. It seems to be a morality play set to music and the music is excellent with Stevie Winwood, Jack Bruce, Aynsely Dunbar, Steve Hunter and the lush production of Bob Ezrin(The Wall).