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Topic: Studio Set Up

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    Studio Set Up

    Hey everyone.

    I want to compose music and have 1,50GB RAM, 3 HDD's with 3 lcd monitors and a maya 44 sound card

    Can you explain to me how I need to set up a studio, regarding computers. 1 computer can't run several programs right? not enough RAM. That's why you have several computers? how many? And how do you link them?

    I have:Cubase,gigastudio 3 orchestra,stormdrum,tilogy,atmosphere,stylus RMX,DKFH superior,Kirk Hunters emerald & ruby (kompakt),harcore bass and a lot of samples.

    All these are programs which needs to be run on own computers?
    I need several things to run simioutanesly

    Please help a nob

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    Re: Studio Set Up

    A couple comments, although some people have had success running Gigastudio 3 on the same computer as their sequencer, it more often than not causes major headaches. Gigastudio 3 really requires a separate dedicated computer. Unfortunately, I was one of the users of Giga that never achieved success of getting it to be stable, though I did not have a separate computer for it (V2.5). I cannot comment about Giga's GVI - never tried it, but that is designed to be integrated with other programs within one computer.

    If you could up your ram that would be helpful. At least 2 gig would be helpful, though you can get by with what you have. You may need to do more frequent track freezing. The three hard drives will be fine: one for o/s and programs, one for your sample libraries, and one for your created audio files.

    A bigger question though: what speed and what type is your processor? If your processor is old, it may be well worth it to upgrade it (if possible). If it is a dual core processor you should be fine (either AMD or Intel). The new Intel dual core processors are excellent. A fast single core will certainly work, but your future headroom will be very limited, but it certainly could be enough to get you started.

    I am not familiar with your sound card (Echo I think?), so I cannot comment.

    Also, what sort of monitors will you be using? Without at least a decent set of monitors, even with a high-end computer system, you will likely struggle to produce good results, if the monitors sound poorly.



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    Re: Studio Set Up

    Hey. I have AMD 2.08 GzH CPU...no dual here. And some very cheao genelec monitors or something.

    The maya card is form audiotrak.an old card. Is thats why my gigastudio 3 has been crashing? What does the card need to be compatible for again? asio or how was that again?

    I want a second computer...how do I build a stable one?

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