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Topic: Mono/Stereo

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    I use GPO/DP/Mac.

    In the virtual instrument list of DP I am given a choice of GPO-Mono or GPO-Stereo as different virtual instruments.

    Anybody know what this means (Dan)?

    (I first noticed this a long time ago but have ignored it.)



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    Re: Mono/Stereo

    Hi Ed,
    Always use the stereo option.
    You will want to record each instrument in GPO to an appropriate audio track for mixing. DP's shortcuts for adding a stereo audio track is (shift command S), to add a mono audio track, the shortcut is (shift command A). In the Kontakt player, you can set the audio output (pair) or group to your specific audio tracks in DP. This group selection is in the lower right hand corner of the load window.

    Set the input of your audio track to coincide with the group you used for the respective instrument. Depending on the power resources of your Mac, you can record a bunch of instruments in one pass.

    The Kontakt player uses group 1-2 for the main outputs, so they are not available in the group outputs. If you have eight woodwinds loaded in a player, and you know they are all mono, you can set the first instrument to group output (3-4) but set the pan in the Kontakt player "hard left". The second instrument you would also set to group output 3-4, but this one you would pan "hard right". This method doesn't waste the stereo groups on just one instrument. The third instrument would be set to group output 5-6 panned hard left, the fourth instrument would be set to 5-6 and panned hard right, etc etc.

    Here is an example,... if you are using the Steinway Grand and a flute, you would need a stereo audio track for the piano, and a mono track for the flute.

    This is a list of the GPO instruments and their STEREO / MONO status.
    This stereo / mono status list pertains to the dry folder. Any instruments used from the WET folder will be stereo, but only because of the Ambience reverb. I highly recommend not using the wet instruments since they are very power hungry.

    I hope this helps.

    All Flutes MONO

    All English Horns MONO

    All Oboes MONO except...
    Oboe 2 Modern Solo and Oboe 3 Modern Solo (STEREO)

    All Clarinets MONO
    All Bassoons MONO
    All French Horns MONO except...
    Overlay F, Overlay F AG, and Overlay FF (STEREO)

    All Trumpets MONO except...
    Overlay, Overlay AG, TPT Piccolo NV Solo and TPT Piccolo V Solo (STEREO)

    All Trombones MONO except...
    Overlay and Overlay AG (STEREO)

    All Tubas MONO except...
    Overlay and Overlay AG (STEREO)

    All Percussion Instruments STEREO except Snares KS (MONO)
    All Harps STEREO
    All Pianos STEREO
    All Pipe Organs STEREO
    All solo Violins MONO except... Violin 2 Strad Pizz Solo (STEREO)
    All solo Violas MONO
    All solo Cellos MONO
    All solo Basses MONO
    All section Strings STEREO

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    Re: Mono/Stereo

    Thanks Dan.

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