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Topic: Notes are Delayed....

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    Question Notes are Delayed....

    I am brand new to all of this. I just purchased Garritan Personal Orchestra and am trying to use it with Cakewalk's Sonar Home Studio Version 4. This may not be the right place to look for an answer to my problem, but I'm gonna try. When I play the notes on my keyboard there is a slight delay before the sound comes out. This makes real time recording nearly impossible. What could be causing this? Anyone have any advice? Thanks.


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    Re: Notes are Delayed....

    Sounds like you are experiencing what we call "latency". It is the delay between the command of an audio event and the time you actually here it. One thing you should check is to make sure you are using the ASIO drivers for your soundcard if they are provided. What is your soundcard? You should be able to select, from within your sequencer, what drivers you are using for your soundcard. Look for the ASIO drivers made specifically for your soundcard and select them. This is most likely the problem. Let us know what you find.


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    Re: Notes are Delayed....

    At the risk of telling you something inaccurate...

    In the version fo Sonar that I use, you can adjust the latency. You do this by increasing or decreasing the buffer size. Larger buffers have longer latency but are "safer" in terms of dropouts and stuttering. Smaller buffers are faster but may overload the CPU.

    Check the help to see where to set it and see if you can set eh latency to aound 6ms or so.

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    Re: Notes are Delayed....

    In Options | Audio... | General you set the latency 1) with the slider, if you use the WDM/KS audio driver mode (Advanced tab) 2) by clicking the ASIO Panel... button, if you use the ASIO driver mode. Set the latency as low as possible without getting pops and clicks during playback. You may have to use a low latency for recording and a higher for playback, if your CPU is not fast enough for playback with a low latency.

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    Smile Re: Notes are Delayed....

    Thanks for the advice. I tried the AISO driver switch and it worked great. Then I tried to record some digital data into the same sequence and had to switch back to KDS or whatever it was to do that. Then I tried playing the GPO without switching back to AISO and for some reason it works now. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I'm sure I'll be back with other basic questions as I get further into this. Happy recording to all.


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