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Topic: "V" for "Vista"

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    "V" for "Vista"

    In the February 2007 edition of EQ Magazine there's an article titled "V" FOR "VISTA" written by some obscure figure named Garry Garritan.

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    Re: "V" for "Vista"

    Gosh, that name sounds familiar...


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    Re: "V" for "Vista"

    "V" for "Vista"?????

    It's "B" for "Vendetta"!!!!!


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    Re: "V" for "Vista"

    Can you post the article, we have ice on some of our bridges.

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    Re: "V" for "Vista"

    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf
    Can you post the article, we have ice on some of our bridges.
    I think the article is too recent for there to be a link. I did get permission to post the Jim Allchin Interview portion which is posted here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=49863 I'll let you know when a link becomes available.

    I wish to thank Pat Azzarello, Steve Hall, Arif, Larry O, Eric Schmidt, Jim Allchin and the other folks at Microsoft for their assistance with the article. BTW: We have been in touch with MS and we are pleased to report that our new sampler is working fine in Vista.

    Leaf, I hope the ice on your bridges has melted away.

    Gary Garritan

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