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Topic: VST Hosting application

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    VST Hosting application

    Does anyone know of a VST hosting application similar to Garritan Studio that would allow me to host the Garritan apps as well as other VST's?

    Kenny Long

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    Re: VST Hosting application


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    Re: VST Hosting application

    Hi Kenny, I have two, VStack from Steinberg and AudioMulch by Ross Bencina. Both have their points, VStack has a better GUI and an onboard mixer, but no audio in capability, AudioMulch has no mixer but great flexibility and audio in. Both are among the most stable apps I have found.


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    Re: VST Hosting application

    Hi guys, thanks for the responses!

    Bob, V-Stack looks like a decent way to go. Does it create a virtual device with multiple midi ports for each instance of GPO or Jabb I load - like Garritan Studio does?

    This capability would allow you to load up 8 sounds for each instance of GPO/Jabb and up to 16 instruments for Kontack 2 and then address each one of these from you sequencer / notation program.

    Thanks again for your input,

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    Re: VST Hosting application

    Bidule from Plogue Technologies is the underlying technology for the GPO Studio host. So if you want something that is most similar (and the best host out there IMHO), check out Bidule http://www.plogue.com/

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: VST Hosting application

    I particularly like bainspawn Forte as a VST host. www.brainspawn.com
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    Re: VST Hosting application

    Phrazor, energyXT (standalone or plugin) or Reaper (via midi or rewire) can do the trick for you.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: VST Hosting application

    Thanks for all the input. I worked late into the night trying all sorts of demos and looking at documentation. I finally went with V-Stack as it seemed to be exactly what I needed in this particular instance. It is fairly easy to set up and to use.

    One important note - it does not set up the "emulated midi devices" like Garritan studio does for you. So in order to drive it from your sequencer or notation program you need to install the "Maple Virtual Midi Cable" drivers. The devices created by the Maple drivers can then be used in V-Stack and in the notation program/sequencer just like the Garritan Studio ports.

    Kenny Long

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