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Topic: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

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    Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    Hi friends. I have been learning GPO this last months and glad about it.
    I learn about the "Normal or Midi CC" issue and the workaround of a second instance. But i wonder what mode must be used for percussion family, since some of them use the modulation wheel to controll rolls, and others the sustain pedal. Must i have two separated instances with diffrent modes for each kind of percussive instrument, or im missing something?

    Thanks your answers!

    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    Hello, Marce

    I don't know which percussion instruments you think are controlled by cc64, but there aren't any I know of.

    A few have rolls controlled by cc1, as you said--Bass drum roll, Snare roll, Cymbal roll.

    Otherwise, the volume for percussion is all determined by the strength of the velocity--the way in which standard MIDI instruments are.

    So with the Kontact player set up in the usual "MIDI controller" mode instead of "normal" sustain--you're set to use the percussion library.


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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    Thanks your answer rbowser!

    What i refered to the sustain is this, quoted from the manual:

    Modulation Controller CC# 1 – Percussion Roll Volume (for actual recorded rolls):
    The modulation control for the percussion instruments that use it works in a similar manner as the sustained instruments. There are four percussion instruments in GPO that use the mod wheel for rolled crescendos/decresendos when the proper note is played. These are the cymbals, snare drum, and bass drum. The wind machine also uses mod wheel control of volume. The more mod wheel data applied to these instruments the louder the ‘roll’.
    Controller CC# 64 – Dampening:
    In most other instruments in GPO this controller is used either for legato or note sustaining. Percussive instruments use the sustain pedal for standard sustain while in “Pedal mode 2.” The vibraphone adds a second instrument choice that can function in standard “Pedal mode 1,” at the expense of keyswitching.
    What confused me is that the manual mentioned that some percussion instruments worked like the sustained ones, but i miss that it not was refering to the legato mode, only for the mod-wheel use.
    So, i use the "NORMAL mode" and all works ok.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    Hello again, Marce

    Yes, I see--The manual is talking about using cc64 to dampen some of the percussion instruments. But you were talking about the instruments with rolls, which are controlled with cc1.

    But you don't want to have the pedal set to "normal" as you just said in this reply--That's normal piano sustain mode. You need it set to the MIDI control mode, pedal mode 2, just as the manual says in the quote you posted. This way, you're already in legato mode for when you record the rest of the instruments.


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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    thanks again your answer!
    But in that mode is not losted the sustain for the percussion instruments? I know that violin, by example, change the attack when pressing the pedal sustain. But in percussive instruments, that happens too?
    Sorry if i missunderstanding something basic.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    HI--I understand the confusion now.

    The sustain pedal is being used in those percussion instruments not to actually Sustain the sound as with legato for the Violins, as in your example. "Sustain" is controller #64 and can be programmed to do different things. In the case of the related percussion instruments, it dampens their sound. You see? It is not the same result as sustaining the strings, woodwinds and brass.

    So, as it says in the manual, you do indeed need to have pedal mode 2 in place.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Normal or Midi CC for Percussive instruments?

    Thanks again your answer, Randy. Well, time to go and play, isnt?
    Marcelo Colina

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