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Topic: Stradivari : Multiple instances?

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    Stradivari : Multiple instances?

    Got my copy of Stradivari 2.0 today and things went well until I tried to add a 2nd instace in the Kontakt plug in DP 5.11. The instruments tried to play but the audio was all chopped up, little digital pops could be heard, etc. I had the 2 instances set to different MIDI in channels.

    There's nothing in the manual about running multiple strads, either within Kontakt 2 (which allows up to 64 instruments, right?) or as individual instances of Kontakt 2 w/ 1 strad each.

    So, should I only have one Strad in a session? I hope not, because I was planning to use it for string quartet arrangements...

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    Re: Stradivari : Multiple instances?

    Try increasing the latency on your soundcard. The slower the latency, the fewer the pops, but the less real "feeling" you will be have while playing the strad in real time. You probably won't notice anything up to about 60-80ms for realtime play. Cubase has latency compensation during playback. I don't know if other DAWs do but would be suprised if they don't.
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    Re: Stradivari : Multiple instances?

    I'll give that a try...

    Any other suggestions, or even just a verification that you CAN run 2 instances of the Strad in a single DP session?

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